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I have been writing and am a third way through a book, it's hard. Especially when sales on the first were not so good. If that constitutes as 'doing the right thing,' sure, why bother? Not pre-occupation surely? Idle hands etc?

It was so embarrassing; Hearing people coughing in the supermarket. I thought it was because their masks were too tight. When I got home, I realised that my dress had got caught in my underwear. I'm so glad I wear underwear. How bad, I must, adn you must be careful to try to check. I AM TRYING TO REMOVE THE PHOTO OF PART OF MY BOTTOM AND TO UPLOAD OTHERS, THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH DOING EITHER         WITH PHOTO UPLOADS PRESENTLY. I also wanted to post photo of a crybaby, sometimes my photos are used and yes, I'd been crying that day, as like often recently. You can see it under 'Main Menu' in the menu.