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He said to his sister "That's Georgie". It's been quite a while since hot tears came out, maybe they are salty and it causes that feeling. Oh tell The Vatican and tell them that my credit rating is now shot to pieces because of all this 'charity' work. I could not accept the invitation to a sick person in Mali yesterday because of finances but i checked the hospital situation, there are three under staffed. A friend from Cote d'Ivoire whose business is in difficulty has gone to visit in my place. Medicines sans frontiers seem to have their bridging ability there. My concern was that it may have been other problems that may in localised clinics have been overlooked. I wanted to see for myself how money has been spent so far in the ports of those regions regarding Zika prevention. To close the ports which would be a safer option for all, seems like the best option but i can't get there to check it. This of course would result in affects on income and health in those regions with less income and frustration and fear whilst these checks are performed. Presuming that they are not already. Good day! Spending in those regions must be thoroughly accountable. Without prejudice. I'd have git there and back to UK within 3 days, not booked a week off. Though to review lifestyles can help (as we know) for example, some years ago, the watering of banana trees on compounds in Bakau at 17.30 hours daily. Where was the water sourced from? Small things and changes can have impact. Yes he was once a boxer and yes it was not always easy. There were things that none of us knew about then so no one was any the wiser. He was happy about all of my own decisions and choices in the past 25 years. All of them! I am grateful to all who helped (even unknowingly) to make his life 'as difficult as it was' as pleasant as it could have been. If you find some of the items in this post 'distasteful', hey, do with your tail between your legs scuttle off and try actually paying the organ player and don't 'expect' (by default) that monkey to dance. And yes, i too am aware that there would be a risk element had i been able to travel to Africa recently. Now with these differentiations in life and expectations and need and means and yes if charitably especially, maybe we have an idea of why i had to have a heart operation in 2010. I don't do sex and not because i didn't want to, so let's not try more. One thing i am confident of is that there very possibly isn't a big enough condom on the planet. When i was born i was very very premature and i had double pneumonia. Difficult child? Let's not go there. And the years of abuse since and some from people claiming to be churchgoers? My advice. Pray and pray. I hope your prayers are heard, i really really do! And don't bring him into it. Now that's me being charitable to him, not you. I feel as though my dad was just calling me, he said "Georgie, you can come home now". I am so angry. My dad's name was George. Do have a good day. And as for that so called preacher who seemed to enjoy spurting out so much. Put him in a room with me for 30 minutes (by appointment only). No need for gloves, if he makes one step near me. He really does not know what he is talking about. And the euphemistic "him" is n/a. That meet's cancelled too so do not try. Game.Set. Match