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It's not like i can afford to get a guy round to do these jobs so what choices do i really have?

I should be paying out for glamourous set designs, not trying because no choice, woodwork.

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Only yesterday i was looking at the teddy bears that were in my father's flat and remembering too how when i recently got my own teddy bears out of the plastic bags to air them how miserable they looked, they actually looked so miserable i quickly put them back in the bags again except my dad's few, i'm thinking of making a glass display case for them all. Some are maybe 20 years old but certainly one of the knackered dolls i remembered, and some i have seen, they must surely go back even further. Happy Father's Day.


Look after your dads, mine passed away on November 16 2017.

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I suppose next you'll want to see what my teddies look like?


Did you read the homepage too. xxxxxx