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From a personal stance, often a contentious issue can be how far do we go with discretion on all age friendly sites and the

integrity of the message the site owners feel happy to feel that they can justify without placing an age warning. With so much of social media changing i personally feel that thnese photos are demostrating a progress forward and not porrnographic.

If i posted in a bikini it would be acceptable too if a mail order catalogue. It is not the photos i post, it's how they are posted surely, and those i might have posted but chose not to.

A safe option. Hopefully it will prevent worse and set a help guide.

It is NOT an invitation to send 'risque' photos, it is a means to set a personal guideline which protects decency and intgrity in my opinion.


Example: You can be a safe driver, but the driver of the car that hits yours might not be so 'careful'?