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Some would never believe that even though i had said on the last page, how unwell i had been.....the negative emails i receiced. One guy even said i was a begger, the abuse was not actually a new thing. Agin i reiterate m point in the recent pages as i have done in years past since i started this site in 2011.


My comments that even since starting this site in that not one contribution has ever been received, still stands as honest fact. The reason i mention this at all is in case there may be others viewing this site, some who may be think that they will earn from such ventures. Do think again or find ways of doing it correctly within legal parameters. It's not impossible but this how i have set this up for me earns me not one single penny. It never did. And yes, i'm changing my look next week. And soon, i will be doing some more revealing photos.

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