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I'd bought a red hat but then i realised that I could not afford to go to where i wanted to go so i had to stay kind of local and not use the hat. But i used it on this page so it's ok I guess. In some countries it is fine for a man to walk around showing nipples but it might not be ok for a lady to get out of sea or swimming pool with nipple showing through swim costume. It's wierd, i do not understand. What if those have mental illness or if they don't even know it? They would be judged and punished for something not their fault possibly? This green dress i will have to shorten because although it was new, i got bleach on it when trying to clean, so i didn't even wear it outside. The same with my blue dress has bleach on the shoulder, but i noticed my nipple shows in photo. Do you think it is bad? I didn;'t notice it at first, someone else did. Aso i posted some more odd photos for you. I actually had to force myself to go to places to take these photos. Except for when i had to go to a funeral, the person had become a recluse, even i did not see him sine more than fifteen years and he died. His heart stopped.  I hope you like this mixed selection of photos since May/ mid- June.

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