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I mentioned to you in the December 2019 set of photos that on December 27th 2019, two friends of mine who are in a relationship together, bought for me a pair of tights. I have not been able to afford to buy stockings or tights for a while, i did buy plain tights a few years ago and I still have those, but it was the first time I ever tried tights with patterns on. I hope you like them. I thought it was unusual but nice too. I did go through my stockings drawer a week ago and hunt for a matching pair that might be good to try soon, stockings and tights that are unwearable, if you are hoovering fine dust from carpets but dont want to fill up your hoover, place it over the top of the hoover pipe, then just tie a knot in it after, or ask someone else to. Dispose of them constructively safely.  xxx

It was after this next set of photos that I noticed I accidentally had put the tights into the washing machine, I would have put them in it anyway but didn't realise I had so soon. Then it was no tights after. It was a nice experience to try them out. They look smart, that is what to myself mattered most. xxx

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