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I'd had the flu-jab in december, i have no idea why i went for it but i was glad i did. I had a lovely christmas, it was my first christmas without my cats but it was really lovely, i did think of them or remember them. I think of them a lot. The last of them passed away last January. xxxxx . I was then very ill from december 27th for maybe 5 days with a really bad cold. I was careful about my diet when i could eat and yesterday i cooked again. It's been a while.

I'm going to try save and take a holiday or get a boob job.

Details of this food will be posted on the Regenprotec.com website. If any of you would like to contribute to the cost of runnng the sites you can using your Paypal link, send to [email protected]  . Money saved on website costs i can use to do more photos or get clothes etc. xxxxx Enjoy!

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