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Some might think i'm not the best person to run a website but there is a dormat outside.

I still don't smoke, i used a vape thing once or twice but i found the quit smoking patches worked better for me personally.

So i mentioned websites, sometimes i wonder when i look at my phptos if some don't want me to ever for example have nice perfumes? I use deodorant mainly and not ones that smell too much but sometimes i have been known to use perfume when i had some but i may have put too much on.  How brave are you? Are you sexist or chauvenistic?

Are you afraid of what might happen if my new website becomes popular? I actually did pray about all of this.

Are you a good person or are you bad?


Are you a good judge of character really?


Wow i hope so.


Are you afraid really about what might happen if my new website became popular or interested to see if i can face the challenge of it and how if it does?

You'll know i prayed when you see the name of the new website. I do hope that you use it.  Thank you


Even you might be really superbly and pleasantly surprised. Even i cannot imagine what it would be like to get a place one day with stage sets possible. And what perfume? Wow.

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