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20131030_144848 Blueprints If you like a physical get fit /tone up challenge click here

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Some of you will now how long i have been running these sites, as of today 14 April 2019, i confirm to you  that one contribution was made  to help with these sites since i started these sites in 2011. It was less than £2.00 i was grateful but i discovered that the person was a victim of bullying in another country, i returned his contribution to him and told him he can email whenever he likes. Proof that his contribution was returned to him is available.


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Yes, 'red' shoes. and red stockings and yes i wear gloves to do washing up!

So, clever? Intuitive? Read this and the further article. Really though? You like? "Shaken not stirred," How's your own actual bounce back rate? Trying to economise? Or a student maybe? Click: Yes, you might enjoy this too



Some may recall that a few  months ago, i said i'd post a photo of a new pair of shoes i'd got. Posted today in July 19 photos. xxx

An article on grain that you might like.

Here, but hang on.