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I don't smoke now!

Yes i stopped smoking and even if i could afford them now, i actually wouldn't.  I do though respond to some of the television ads re charities £3 pcm etc. Its nice. It's better!

After each cigarette i would have to brush my teeth and wash my tongue with a firm toothbrush and even clean inside my nostrils and spray wherever i smoked near an open window with air freshener. I could say more but i don't want to bore you.  xxxxx

And wash my hands and forearms.


Hi everybody!


If you or your partner bites their fingernails, please do buy for them or ask them to get Mavala Nail Biting stop, it's like a varnish but it tasts so horrible. My nails are getting so long now i can use them to tap out items on my phone. I will post more new photos soon (check instructions online too because i don't know how suitable it is for children). Thank you!

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