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Jenaphotos:. In an effort to not to let any of you down, there is the over 18s section (above) for the photos which i would deem as unsuitable to those under 16. But i shall say that they are by no means adult photos but i still think i prefer on this website that i shall say that that area in the menu is for 18 0nly.

By allowing this over 18 section, traffic to this website is affected as it has an orange safety rating on some phone networks. Thank you to those who do occasionally or frequently visit.

xxx Pre October 2013 photos: Any photos taken before October 2013 can still be located via a link on the  'links page' in the main menu on www,Regenprotec.com. 

If you want to see those photos too, there is a direct link to Regenprotec.com at the bottom of this page.  Remember/ via the links page on Regenprotec.com. I hope you enjoy!

For weightloss info..............see bottom of this page.  Now (as of March 28th 2014) two and a half stones lost, yes a further 5lbs.. Total now to date: 38lbs

Need help with that weightloss?

In 2013 I lost 2stones and 5 lbs within 81 days (33lbs)with Regenprotec.

Since, in 2014: Now another 5lbs too. Yes,

two and a half stones! Gone!!!!!!

Jena Honeysnow.

New photo set coming very soon. www.Asapproved.com is now a live site via the main menu.

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